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The Old Dominion peanut company was established in 1913 in Norfolk Virginia, where it still resides today. Virginia variety peanuts are amongst the best of any and one of Virginia's best known products. The company started as a broad line candy maker and over the years has evolved to become the largest maker of peanut brittle in the United States. The company makes a thin and crispy old fashion peanut brittle, cashew brittle and also makes peanut candy bars, a peanut crunch candy, butter toffee peanuts, an array of choco coated products, butter toasted cashews, burnt sugar pecans and more.

The Old Dominion brands, to include Old Dominion and the Master Pieces brand, can be found in leading Grocery store chains, Drug stores, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, department stores and a host of other retail outlets. The company does not sell directly to the public.

The company strives to be a low cost producer of high quality, good tasting peanut candy at a superior value for money. The freshest ingredients and time honored recipes made by caring associates insure success batch after batch.

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